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As the Videos are getting more popular, it's equally important to have great stories in them too.As we ourselves love stories, we discovered, it has always been harder to find great stories anywhere.We thought we need to spend much time watching these stories and not spending time on finding them. We bring you a fresh and a better view of these stories that are always all around us and what all the creative minds, who love creating could do a lot more about it. We really aspire to show you great content. Videos and Stories add a special moment, inspire, connect and add value to our lives when done right.

Artists, Creators, Brands and companies (willing to become a brand) need to share what their Story, product or service actually does in the society and have empathy towards their fans.Once anyone shares their story, we know them better and we connect with them better. What is it that they all stand for and what they are about.What they care about. Provide "QUALITY","VALUE" and build a "FAMILY" of "FANS".

Creativity and imagination have no limits, so why should stories in videos have. Small changes affect big changes and that's the tipping point when the word spreads and the real change begins. So, Join Us and “TAKE THE FIRST STEP” to add value to your life, Change your world, Inspire each other, Change the way we see Videos.

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I am Aditya Kr. Khare,Co-Founder,Admuse.I love to play with technology ,whats new and music.I live to help others by creating useful things in technology.I can make this technology a lot better,i feel this way and I Love "You".




I am Rajul Singh,Co-Founder,AdMuse.I am happily winning at life with love.I believe in changing people's lives by helping and sharing.I want to change people's wrong mentalities in any aspect.I love to play and watch football(Bayern Munich fan).