Take The First Step


We The AdMuse Love creativity and innovations here. Thus the company started out as a platform to bring you the message of "Creativity" and "The First Step" in your life that almost all of us are missing. Even we were missing just like some of "You" in the beginning.

Companies have almost lost their creativity, empathy, and ingenuity in their Advertisements or they never had it. Advertisements, these days just don't know how to catch our attention and are most of a kind, time wasters and irritates us, as you know ex. -YouTube Advertisements, Facebook Advertisements. We just scroll through them. Advertisements are art, they are the art to connect to people (but that's what they are missing).

But some of them (eg: - Nike, Apple, Google, etc.) are still doing a great work cause they know the importance of the product that they're selling, we truly understand and feel that if an Ad is not able to communicate a message or feeling to us then it's a total time waster. We value our time, but most of the brands and companies don't, they just create a ridiculous amount of irritating Advertisements.

Our Aim

We as a team are working very hard on this platform right now that would just make a dent in the Ads industry and will completely change the way we see Advertisements, yeah step Up your imagination thing. There are a lot of things that can happen with our platform, but as to be very specific there are these 3 points that we want to achieve

1. We want to change the way people see things if we look things from a different perspective and different viewpoint, it's a very different thing. It changes the lives of people and the people around it.We want to change the mindset.

2. The most important thing is to build a connection between our brands (yes, every product we buy, we get connected and the brand becomes ours) and the customers (or the fans, we love them cause we feel connected). We want to give the brands the opportunity to connect and not to force them on the social media In a completely wrong way, make us feel the way we want. We'll show you Advertisements that really make you feel something.

3. As we said and we love even saying again and again that we love, creativity, designing, doing something to help others or to make them feel happy, we want to provide opportunity for all the other people out there, who love to create now have the opportunity to show their talent by making short Ads for anyone they love or you can possibly create anything connected to the ad world (they seriously need you). You could really show your love and talent both at the same time for the brands.

Our Tagline Story

There is a very specific reason why we chose the tagline as "TAKE THE FIRST STEP". It's because we have felt it.it gets clearer with each step.If you don't do it, you'll never know. We talk about creativity here is by knowing that it just comes naturally to us, it just does.

If we ask ourselves when is the time we most felt happy and most of us know when we created something valuable, Something to make someone feel something and let it be anything. That is true when you love something that you do, you start to look at it with a totally different perspective.

Although we love all the three points above, but the most important is that we want to affect lives, So one thing to say most is to be creative and "TAKE THE FIRST STEP", it does get clearer.